European Microkelvin Platform

Research at the frontier near absolute zero has long been a powerhouse of ideas in physics and beyond. The principal objective of EMP is the opening up of the milli- and microkelvin temperature regime to nanoscience, condensed matter physics, particle physics, cosmology and instrumentation.

The EMP is a consortium of 20 leading ultralow temperature physics and technology partners in Europe. The main aim of the consortium is the further integration of ultralow temperature research in Europe for the development of new ideas, knowledge, technology, applications and commercial exploitation to enhance further the European research effort and innovation potential in this field. The chosen partners form a coherent group providing a comprehensive portfolio of capacities.

The European Microkelvin Platform has to be seen as the next evolutionary step in the integration and restructuring of European ultralow temperature infrastructure.

EMP News

New EMP Call for Proposals

This call is intended to encourage workers who might need ultralow temperature facilities but have none in their home institutions to make use of those offered by the EMP. You will find a list of the facilities we offer, how to contact the EMP, and how to express an interest on this web site.

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Technical University of Vienna joined EMP

Since 2017 the Technical University of Vienna is a new member institution of the European Microkelvin Platform. Its ultralow temperature fascilites add a new dimension to the portfolio of EMP. With the addition of TU Vienna we will be able to cover in particular the needs of users working on strongly correlated electron systems even better.

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EMP at LT28 in Gothenburg

EMP was advertising its facilities at the 28th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics in Gothenburg, which was attended by over 900 scientiests from all over the world. Many potential user came to the EMP booth to discuss possible projects.

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EMP Institution Heidelberg University hosts ULT-2017

This International Conference on Ultralow Temperature Physics ULT-2017 was held at the Kirchhoff Institute for Physics in Heidelberg organized by the EMP member institution Heidelberg University. More than 180 scientists from all over the world came to this conference to discuss the latest results from a wide range of topics.

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