EMP is funded through the Horizon2020 programme of the European Commission.

Boards & Committees

EMP consists of eight access-providing partners, three associated partners and six industrial partners located all over Europe. To manage this diverse consortium, various Boards and Committees have been established to manage the joint work progress. The Executive Board and its supporting Management Team can be found elsewhere. If you are looking for contacts of the eight access-giving sites, please have a look here.


International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board will monitor the progress of the project and advise the general assembly and the project coordinators on all issues of general scientific and managerial policy. Its members include key research figures in low-temperature physics and cryogenic engineering who represent the interests of the wider scientific community. Those members are:

Prof. Dr. Carlo Beenakker
Leiden University

Prof. Dr. Andrew Cleland
University of Chicago

Prof. Dr. Vladimir V. Dmitriev
Russian Academy of Sciences

Prof. Dr. Hiroshi Fukuyama
University of Tokyo

Prof. Dr. Jeevak Parpia
Cornell University

Prof. Dr. Jim Sauls
Northwestern University


Industrial Advisory Board

The Industrial Advisory Board monitors the progress of the project in terms of innovations and will advise the General Assembly, Project Coordinators and Innovation Committee on all commercial issues concerning the industrial partners and users. It represents the interests of the wider industrial cryogenic community. Its members include key representatives from international companies operating in the general area of low temperature physics and cryogenic equipment manufacture. The folloing persons are engaged in the Industrial Advisory Board:

Dr. Jeremy Good

Dr. Vladimir Shvarts
JANIS Research

Dr. Jelena Trbovic
Zurich Instruments

Doreen Wernicke
Entropy Cryogenics


Innovation Committee

The Innovation Committee, chaired by the Innovation Manager Richard Haley, ensures the widest possible exploitation of the outputs of the EMP. The Innovation Manager, aided by institutional Business Development Teams actively seeks contacts with additional companies which could potentially apply the knowledge generated for innovation. Currently, the following persons are engaged in our Innovation Committee:


Dissemination Committee

The Dissemination Committee, chaired by Peter Skyba, aims to implement a best-practice plan for the dissemination and exploitation of scientific knowledge, technical advances and applications generated within EMP. It deals with all questions related to our communication strategy to maximizing the impact of EMP. Furthermore, it engages with associated scientific communities, infrastructures and industry within and outside Europe. Currently, the following persons represent the Dissemination Committee: